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The Great Wall of China is one of the 7th wonders of the world, a historic landmark that collectively stretches over 21,000 kilometers with sections from the ocean, through the mountains, and into the breathtaking country of China.

Run The GREAT WALL brings runners the incredible experience of running a race on sections of the Great Wall and surrounding lands, to run on the steps of ancient history in what has been revered as some of the most challenging endurance events on the planet. These races give you the choice to run distances from 10K up to 160K (100-miles) for a dream adventure running adventure unlike anything else you will ever experience.

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These are not your average race experiences, running on the Great Wall of China is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure experience that you can check off your bucket list. A true dream adventure awaits you.

Great Wall

Steps In History

These are challenging races, featuring thousands of massive, steep, uneven steps you'll climb and descend from tower to tower.  Prepare to train and conquer the physical and mental challenges in your journey on the Great Wall of China. 

2016 GREAT WALL Marathon

Rewarding Journey

The challenge is well worth the effort as you will experience breathtaking panoramic views of the Great Wall and China's mountain countryside. Crossing the finish line will be one of your greatest life accomplishments. 

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Jinshanling Great Wall Marathon

A landmark running event giving runners the opportunity to run some of the most popular sections of the Jinshanling Great Wall featuring over 20,000 steps throughout the course in a Marathon, Half Marathon, or 10K race.  Taking place in Luanping County, Chengde, the Hebei province, 125 km northeast of Beijing.

2022 Date TBA


Shanhaiguan Great Wall Trail Race

Where the Great Wall meets the ocean the Shanhaiguan Great Wall Trail Race gives marathon and ultramarathon runners a unique off-the-beaten-path experience of the Great Wall of China in a 160K, 110K, 70K or marathon race.  Taking place in the Shanhaiguan District of Qinhuangdao, a port city on the coast of China in northern Hebei province.

October 14-16, 2022


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